Campscout Revolution

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The CAMPSCOUT Revolution offers even more space in the rear, so that the beds no longer have to be dismantled for more storage space – just one touch of a button will suffice. The bed is being lifted to the ceiling and the rolling space miracle releases a lot of extra space! Thus, expensive sports equipment can be placed safely under the bed for on the road or overnight. Optionally, four sleeping places are also available with an additional double bed in the rear.

Length: 6358mm
Height: 2610mm
Width: 2050mm
Payload: 440kg
Berths: 2 (+1 optional)
Seats/Seatbelts: 4/4
Fresh Water: 100l
Waste Water: 92
  • Elevated fridge – extra easy to reach. Optionally as Slimtower
  • Electrically adjustable bed for more flexibility and storage
  • High value lighting system with more lighting around the bed
  • Optional additional double bed in rear
  • Generous interior height