Globescout R

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Its equipment and clever layout have made the GLOBESCOUT so popular. An extra large spacious washroom turns it into the GLOBESCOUT R. The result are slatted shower blinds, which separates the washroom as needed from the bedroom and living area. The
washroom‘s comfort is just as you know it from home! In addition, the R version comes with a must-have for all tall „long-sleepers“: a large, comfortable bed. To match: An elevated refrigerator and beneath it: a wardrobe for all additional storage needs.

Length: 5998mm
Height: 2580mm
Width: 2050mm
Payload: 480kg
Berths: 2 (+1 optional)
Seats/Seatbelts: 4/4
Fresh Water: 100l
Waste Water: 92
  • Generous seperate cupboard in the kitchenette
  • Elevated fridge for more comfort and space
  • Flexible central washroom, its slated shutter doubles as room divider